How to do Sitting Meditation

There is sitting and there is sitting.

Real instructions to follow shortly…but in the mean time…

Get in a comfortable sitting position.

Don’t think. Don’t not think.  Hmmmmm.  What’s that mean?

It means to be present with just what is happening.  You don’t need to create something, or search for something.  There are sounds sounding.  There are twitches twitching and blinks blinking, and discomfort discomforting.  Notice them as the complete present moment.

Your mind will wander off…at some point you realize you were wandering.  Just tune back in to all the sounds and elements of the moment…each time you wander…

It starts by “I hear sounds”, “I feel myself moving”, “I am breathing” and settles into just hearing, moving, breathing…the “I”, the activity and the moment become one.

Sometimes you might prefer a more concentrated practice.  You can focus on the breath as an anchor.  On each out breath count 1…next breath 2…next breath 3…until you reach 10 and then start over at 1.  If your mind wanders off before you reach 10, which is common, just start over at 1.


Sitting Meditation