About CZC

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The CZC Story

We humans tend to stumble and bump into life…sometimes with a BIG ouch, but mostly with a bunch of small ouches. We create strategies to try to avoid ouches…and at some point we may begin to ponder,  “Is all that planning and worrying about the future really helping me?  Is that guilt and disappointment about the past changing anything that has happened?”  Hmmmm.  That’s where the CZC sangha comes in.  We’ve all been around this block and through the process discovered that practicing compassion and loving-kindness is the best way to be human…but it’s hard!

That’s why having a supportive community is important.  In the CZC sangha we echo our humanity to each other and use Buddha’s teachings as the mirror that helps us continually connect from our wisdom and compassion to our daily life, and the world.

We are directly affiliated with Great Vow Zen Monastery in Clatskanie, Oregon  and Heart of Wisdom Zen Temple in Portland. We enjoy visits to Corvallis by priests in training. Some in our Sangha attend longer retreats and teachings there.

In CZC we work together to realize  and manifest our gifts and blessings. We practice expressing everyday Dharma so as to be of service to all. Zen practice makes a profound difference in our lives and  we look forward to making it available to you. Through our regular services, teaching and programs we help each other gain clarity, humor,  compassion and balance.  So if you want to do your life a little differently, a new  appreciation please join us.  Pull up a cushion.  Meditate*. Enjoy delving into the teachings of the Buddha…amazingly timeless.

Join us to study and celebrate the treasure of our Buddhist tradition and take up its various methods for illuminating your original nature right now, right here, just as you are.

(* If you  are a 1st time meditator we offer instructions for beginners)

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