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This Sunday we talked about metta so I thought I would share my practice.  If you are new to metta the idea is to “offer metta” first to yourself, then to a loved one, then to a neutral acquaintance, and then to that difficult person.

I don’t always have time in the bustle of the day to do the complete rounds but it’s usually obvious where I need to focus.  May you have a light heart in practice.

May I love my fear,
May I love my frustration,
May I love my obsessive thinking,
May I love my self-doubt,
May I love my confusion,
May I love my compulsive doing,
May I love my awkwardness,
May I continuously discover the clarity, inner peace,
and humor that allows me to welcome each moment.
May I love myself exactly, exactly as I am.

Namaste and friendly bows _/|\_