identity of relative and absoluteWe human beings we are always at play in the ordinary conditions of our life. We experience our days and nights through the lens of all our previous experiences –  our fantasies and expectations of a “future”, our temperament, through our senses, our preferences, our dislikes, our opinions, our emotions.  Most of this is automatic …..unless we have a steady practice of stopping, breathing, looking.

Uncovering our natural and unclouded mind through daily meditation allows us to be more at ease, to be aware of the primal and unconditioned flow of the energies of life, even as we engage wholeheartedly with our circumstances. We are never apart from the flow, just as we are never apart from our circumstances. This unconditioned flow is infinite and open. When we see our life in these terms, we can notice the fluidity and playfulness, and be open to possibilities that we are blind to when we get stuck in our limited habitual views.