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How To Join Our Zen Meditations

Sitting Meditating Stick FigureSunday Service

10 AM-12 PM Corvallis Yoga Center 111 NW 2nd Street Corvallis, Oregon


Orientation occurs the first Sunday of each month from 9-10 AM at the Corvallis Yoga Center. (click here for details)

Monday Mornings

Dharma Garden Zendo (call 541-754-4124 for location) Meditation (zazen) and short service 6:15 AM-7 AM

Tuesday Evenings

Dharma Garden Zendo (call 541-754-4124 for location) Meditation (zazen) at 6:30 PM followed by a dharma discussion from 7:00-8:00 PM

Thursday Evenings

Dharma Garden Zendo (call 541-754-4124 for location) Chanting 6:30-7:00PM Meditation (zazen) 7:00-8:00PM. Daisan (interview) with Mushin is offered during many Thursday zazen periods. See weekly newsletter for current week’s activity.

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Mindfulness and Mindfulness Meditation

             This is a very brief description of what is meant by mindfulness and mindfulness meditation. If you want a full presentation there are many wonderful works of popular scholarship on this topic, several of which I list at the end of this piece. Also Google...
Sangha Member Blog Posts Sangha Member Blog Posts

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Always Practicing

Sangha Member Post: With Zen practice, sometimes I find myself just going through the motions; sometimes I feel a peaceful integration; and sometimes I get an enlightened glimpse of living. Yesterday while doing the evening dishes a question popped up…What would it...

Dharma Blog Symbol Dharma Blog Posts – Posts by Buddhist teachers or senior practitioners on specific Buddhist teachings.  They are educational, instructive, or insightful posts to help others understand the teachings of Buddha.

Sangha Member Blog Posts Sangha Member Blog Posts – Posts by Sangha members (members practicing with Corvallis Zen Circle) about their experiences and their Zen practice on the path to awakening.

News & Events

Buddha News

Zazenkai – a day of silent practice (Saturday, once per month)

  • June 6 – 9 AM-4 PM. Held at Dharma Garden Zendo. Contact Mushin at 541-754-4124 if you plan to attend and for directions.

Retreats & Other Events

    •  Introduction to Zen Practice This half-day class will cover practice in more detail for those who want to become more involved or have questions about Zen practice.  Topics include:
      • meditation
      • chanting
      • setting up a home practice
      • working with a teacher

      Class will meet Saturday, 9am-noon, July 11Sept 26, Nov 7. Register in advance and receive location details by emailing Mushin. Suggested donation $25, all are welcome regardless of ability to pay.

  • May 24 – Seido Martin from Zen West and Empty Field Zendo will join us for our Sunday morning zazen and service.  She will give a dharma talk about taking Zen practice on the road.  Summer travels and variations in our usual schedules present us with challenges to our regular practice.  Seido will explore how we can be flexible with these changes and enjoy the wisdom that the unexpected brings.
  • June 21 – Precept Ceremony 

 Board Meetings

  • June 24, 6:30-8 pm Contact Mushin for directions and additional information